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"Ema! Where are you?"
"I'm in the kitchen, Dan!" I replied as I heard my twin brother running down the stairs.
"You know how Mom ate us last year?"
"You know how she's been eating us once a month since?"
"Do you have any new news to tell me?"
"Well, I did some research and,"
"You? Did research?"
"Yes! Anyway, when Mom eats us it's a process called "Vorarephilia" or shortened to Vore."
"Cool, you found something interesting for once."
"Well, I kept looking and found that any female can Vore another being. Meaning that you could also vore me!" I almost fell onto the floor I was laughing so hard. "Stop laughing! It's true!"
"Ok Dan. Show me." I actually wanted to believe him. It would be so cool if I could eat, I mean, Vore my brother. Just thinking about it made me feel good. If he was ever annoying me again, I could just Vore him, or at least threaten to.


"There. Look" I read the web page on the screen.
"Vorarephilia (often shortened to vore) is the act in which one female eats and may digest another being."
"You can thank me later. But I have an idea."
"Let's hear it then."
"Tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month,"
"Yeah, Mom is going to Vore us."
"How about, once inside, You Vore me?"
"Are you serious?"
"Yes. Totally!"
"I don't know if I want to. Or if I'm able to."
"Please? For me?"
"Ok fine Ill try."



It's that day of the month again. The day I eat my kids and then pretend to be pregnant and go out. "Kids. Where are you?"
"Here we come!"
"Ok, since Dan was eaten first last time, this time Ema gets to go first."
"Come here Ema. Now, do you want to go head first or feet first?"
"Ok." I lifted her up by her armpits and raised her above my head. Having done this many times before, I could eat her in 20 seconds. But I decided to go slow and enjoy her taste. I lowered her towards my open mouth. Her head easily fit inside my open mouth. Since we've been doing this for a year now, my lips have grown and I don't have to stretch them to fit her shoulders. As her chest went in I felt the bulge in my neck. I licked her chest and couldn't help but feel two little lumps. She was growing her boobs! I almost choked on her I was so happy. I then hurried her up and finished swallowing her. I looked down and noticed I was larger than 1 year ago when I first ate the kids.
"Mom, I want to go down feet first" I heard Dan say. I went a lot faster with him. I started with his legs and slurped them like spaghetti. He lifted his arms above his head and he slid right inside me. I looked down again and I was about 4 to 5 inches larger than 1 year ago.
"Kids? Are you comfortable in there?"
"Yes, but it's a little more cramped than usual." Ema said.
"Mom, we've never tried eating inside of you. Can you swallow something for us?" Dan asked.
"Ill try." I went to the kitchen to find something small enough for me to swallow whole. I found the cereal. "Here kids." and I started swallowing the ceral.
"Ahhh." I heard Dan yell. "Mom. I hate Cheerios."
"Sorry Dan. How about this?" I started swallowing Lucky Charms for him. Having never eaten Lucky Charms before, the taste surprised me. It was like eating pure sugar.
"Yay. Thanks Mom."
"You're welcome Dan." I started to walk towards the door so I could go enjoy a day in the life of a pregnant woman.

~At the mall~

I was driving around looking for a parking space and couldn't find one. Then I remembered I was 'pregnant'. So I drove right up to the closest parking space. I felt great not having to walk half a mile to get to the mall from my car. I walked in and went to my favorite store, Victoria's Secret. Being a pregnant woman, you wouldn't normally go into Victoria's Secret, but no one really cares. I tried on a few bras and a few panties, which was hard reaching over my huge stomach. Then I paid and left to go to the food court. I went to an Italian restaurant and got spaghetti so the kids could eat too. As I left the mall I noticed the kids were quieter than usual.
"Kids? What are you doing?"
"Shhh Mom! You'll wake Dan up." I barely heard Ema's whisper.
"Ok sorry." I whispered back to her. It felt good having Dan sleeping inside me.

~At home~

"Ema? Is Dan awake yet?"
"No. He looks like he will sleep until morning."

"Ema, When I swallowed you, I felt two little lumps on your chest."
"Mom! My boobs aren't growing yet!"
"Sweetie its Ok for your boobs to grow. It means you're turning into a woman now."
"But I want to stay young!"
"It's OK dear. Just wait for Dan's body to start growing."
"Haha yeah. Ok I'm sorry I yelled at you."
"It's Ok. Well then I'm going to bed now. You should too."
"Ok Mom. Good night."
"Goodnight my dear."

~Sunday morning~

I woke up and felt my stomach. It felt different than usual.
"Kids, what are you doing?"
"Nothing Mom." They said together, but Dan's voice was muffled.
"Dan? Are you Ok?"
"Yes Mom." It was still muffled.
"Well it's time to come out." I walked over to my bathroom and stood in the bath tub. I started to push and felt a head come out, then shoulders. But then it got stuck.
"Are you Ok?" I asked whoever was sticking out of my butt.
"Yes Mom." It was Ema. "Just push hrader."
"Ok." I really had to push to get her normally skinny body out. As she fell out I looked down at my stomach. I almost screamed. It was flat!
"Dan? Where is Dan?" I heard Ema laughing so I turned to look at her.
"He's in here Mom."
"Hi Mom" Ema's stomach said.
"How did....why did.....when....HOW?"
"Dan did some research and found that any female can Vore another being if she chooses."
"It's the term for when you eat someone. Every month you Vore Dan and I."
"Ok." It was starting to make sense now. "Is that why Dan was 'asleep' yesterday?"
"Yep. He was pretending so we could stay the night."
"Did you, uhh, Vore him while I was asleep?"
"Thats why his voice was muffled?"
"Are you mad at us?"
"No. I'm just confused and happy at the same time." I started to leave the bathroom when Ema asked me to help her stand up.

~Sunday afternoon~


"How does it feel with me inside you?"
"Pretty good actually. It's like I'm full. I feel full. And there's a pulling feeling at my belly button."
"What does it feel like inside me?"
"Well uhh, it's a little more cramped than Mom, but I don't have to share so it feels bigger in a way."
"By the way, I heard your conversation with Mom about us growing,"
"Dan! I thought you were asleep!"
"No, I was pretending. Remember?"
"Uggh. Sometimes you can be such a pain."
"But I love you sis."
"I know but still. Oh."
"What? What did you just think?"
"I just realized. If you are ever annoying me again, I can Vore you."
"Uh oh. I didn't think about that."
"I'm just kidding you Dan. You're my brother and I would never use Vore as punishment."
"Awwh. Thanks sis. Uhh, when can I come out?"
"When ever I feel like it."
"Just kidding. Ill let you out after dinner. Maybe this way we can have one peaceful meal."
-Susan, 32, a mom of two twins Ema and Dan. Recently divorced and is looking for ways to entertain her kids.
-Ema, 10,the older twin who tries to stop Dan from getting in trouble.
-Dan, 10, the younger twin who wishes his big sister wouldn\'t ruin his fun.

Please comment and leave suggestions. This is my second Vore story and I plan to have more with Ema, Dan and their mom Susan.
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k1i2k3i Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
Great story :-)
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Make more!
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I really like your story:)
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Hmm. I guess it IS kinda weird reading the word "vore" as a verb, but a great story nonetheless!
QuinnCrystal Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I use capitol V to make it stand out and identify to the reader its not a noun
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