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What would you like my first Anime Vore story to be from? 

6 deviants said Kill la Kill
4 deviants said Other(please list in comments)
3 deviants said Sword Art Online
1 deviant said Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
1 deviant said Attack on Titan
No deviants said No Game No Life
No deviants said Twintails
No deviants said Trinity Seven
No deviants said Cross Ange


Sona continued playing with herself along with her larger breasts until Vel’koz finally arrived and interrupted her. “Will you cooperate and choose one of the orbs this time?” Vel’koz asked summoning a pink and a green sphere. Sona nodded placing one hand on her breast where Irelia was and chose the green sphere for Cassiopeia. “Miss Cassiopeia has been awarded a point bringing her total to two” Vel’koz said taking the orbs back.

Instead of returning Sona to her room however, Vel’koz instead had two pairs of arms bring Senjuani and Ahri down from theirs. “As you can all see there are now only three of you remaining. To make it more fair who will make into the finals I will give you an extra day before the next battle so that Sona may finish her meal. At which point the next battle may be a one-on-one, or it may be a three person free for all. That will be decided between now and then” Vel’koz said. “Good luck to you all and for now on you will all be staying in the room that Sejuani used to share with Irelia” Vel’koz said before the arms placed them all in the same room.

“Do you wish he would just kill us already instead?” Caitlyn asked Cassi. Two weeks in these bubbles and Caitlyn was slowly losing her sanity. Cassi was also being affected by the boredom. More than twice she had seriously considered eating Cait while she slept. “Congratulations Miss Cassiopeia. You have been awarded your second point thanks to Sona today. Now since you’re not entirely human, do you want a bath and a new outfit?” Vel’koz asked.

“No. I jussst want to return home to my children and Quinn” Cassi replied. “Very well. Miss Caitlyn, would you like to receive the prize on beha-“ “No. Not doing that again” Caitlyn said promptly. Ve’lkoz clearly did not like Caitlyn’s answer and he left in silence.

“Sona!” “Miss. Ahri.” The two called out running to hug each other. “Sej-uani” Sejuani said sarcastically to add to their enjoyment. “What did it feel like having Kat shoved up your butt?” Ahri said lifting Sona’s dress to examine the plug. “Uncomfortable. But. Not. Unpleasant. What. Did. You. Think. Of. Eating. Miss. Diana. And. Unbirthing. Miss. Leona” Sona asked wiggling her ass as Ahri played with it. “Very tasty and very filling” she replied. “Are you two going to do ‘it’ or should I go to sleep?” Sejuani asked not sure what to do. Ahri looked at Sona and smiled before tossing a charm at Sejuani.

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Sona woke up to the unpleasant feeling of something being pulled out of her anus which was immediately followed by something larger replacing it. Sona turned to see Vel’koz personally replacing the plug in her butt with a larger one. “This is a lesson and a reminder that when you are told to fight, you fight” he said disintegrating the first plug. “You better put on a good show today. That one inside you right now is not even half the size of the largest one” he said leaving Sona to squirm uncomfortably with her even bigger anal toy.

“The Will of the Blades vs Maven of the Strings” Vel’koz announced for the battle that would bring the number of fighters down to three. Two pairs of arms brought Sona, who was still squirming, and Irelia, who really didn’t look like she cared, down to the floor of the room. “Why are you squirming like that Sona?” Irelia asked taking a little interest in her opponent’s movements. “Vel’koz. Put. A. Plug. In. My. Butt. As. Punishment. And. Reminder. To. Fight.” Sona said lifting the back of her dress so Irelia could see the large plug.

“Well I guess he gets what he wants because I’m forfeiting myself to you Sona” Irelia said dropping her weapon on the ground. Sona shook her head, “I. Need. To. Fight. You. Or. Else. He. Will. Put. Bigger. Plug. Inside. Me.” Sona played Hymn of Valor and starting firing her enchanted music at Irelia who simply stood still taking the hits. “Don’t you want to go home Sona? Don’t you miss playing with the kids and just relaxing after a long day of work?” Irelia said reaching to take off her outfit.

Sona ignored Irelia’s words for now and played Hymn of Valor twice more and hitting Irelia with her Power Chord. Irelia was now down to just her underwear and had taken a lot of damage from Sona while dealing none back. “Sona please, just eat me” Irelia said holding her arms up in defeat. Sona continued to ignore Irelia and used Crescendo on her. Irelia was caught in the spell and forced to dance her way right over to Sona.

Under the spell Irelia pulled down Sona’s dress revealing her firm breasts. Irelia lowered Sona until she was lying on her back with her chest exposed. Using her flexibility Irelia put her hands on either side of Sona’s face while she placed her feet into Sona’s left nipple. Feeling something in its grasp Sona’s nipple eagerly pulled on Irelia’s legs pulling her in up to her knees in no time at all.

As the spell wore off Sona grabbed Irelia’s face and pulled her in for a long drawn out kiss while her breasts took in Irelia’s thighs. Sona didn’t say anything during the kiss, she simply kissed Irelia as she was consumed. Irelia was the one to break off the kiss but she went to work licking and kissing Sona’s neck and ears. As her hips were brought inside Sona’s growing chest Irelia moved her hands to Sona’s breasts and began groping them from the outside while trying to message them on the inside.

Sona watched in pleasure as her meal fed itself to her breasts and pleased her at the same time. Sona wondered why Irelia was behaving like this but it didn’t really matter at this point. As quickly as it started only Irelia’s head was remaining outside of Sona’s very large boobs. “Get those two out of here and come back home soon” Irelia said. Sona nodded placing her hand on Irelia’s head and pushing her inside.

Sona remained there on the floor for several minutes, playing with her boobs, rubbing herself down below and even getting some pleasure out of the plug in her anus. Despite everything that had happened and all that he had done, Sona did not hate the tournament or Vel’koz for bringing them here.
LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - Battle 12
Twelfth battle of the tournament between Irelia and Sona.

Please leave any comments, questions or ideas below.

Previous chapter: LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - 12
Next chapter: LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - 13
“What have I gotten myself into?” Quinn asked as she scouted out an abandoned building on the outskirts of Piltover. Ever since she had eaten that poacher named Sasha she had been asked several times to eliminate other people like him. Her current target was a man named Lye who was wanted for experimenting on animals and combining them with void creatures.

Inside of the lab, Lye was setting up for his newest experiment. He had a small clear table set up, amongst a room of disarray. Upon this table he placed a medium sized box, covered with a brown tarp. Once he was pleased with his semi-cleaned table, he pulled off the tarp, revealing a small and furry rabbit in a cage. Next to the rabbit there was a syringe, a pair of latex gloves, and a small glass vial, with with a purple liquid. Lye grabbed the gloves, and pulled them over his slightly purple tinted hands, then grabbed the syringe. He placed the syringe into the vial, and pulled the purple liquid into the syringe. He then grabbed the bunny, and held it in place, as he stabbed it with the syringe, and injected the substance.

Quinn watched in horror from above as this man injected the substance into the rabbit. “How many animals have lost their lives to this man?” Quinn asked herself as she moved over to get a better view of the bunny while remaining out of his line of sight. “Why are his hands purple? Is he experimenting on himself?” she said, wondering if that would affect his taste when she swallowed him.

Lye grabbed a notepad from near his work area, then began to watch the rabbit. The bunny acted normal for a few moments, when its face suddenly turned to a look of pain. The rabbit began to bleed from several points on it’s body, as a purple coating began to grow over the rabbit. After several more moments the coating seemed to harden, though the rabbit continued to bleed. Lye, rubbed it’s hand across the creature, and began to take several notes. “Yes, perfect.” He said to himself.

Quinn had to cover her mouth to prevent her from calling out as she watched the poor bunny transform. This was more than enough proof for her and she knew this man would not spend another night outside of her stomach. Silently she scaled a ladder to the crosswalk above his work area and moved into position above his head.

Lye placed his notepad on the table, as he heard a creak above his head. Suddenly, Lye looked up, and caught something move. Quickly Lye threw his notebook, and other tools into the cage, and put the tarp over them once more. He dashed towards the exit of the building, stopping for a moment to pull a small black vial from a shelf on his way. With the vial in hand he ran once more.

Quinn cursed under her breath as she took off back towards where she entered. Not wanting to let him escape she took the rope she carried on her hips and threw one end towards the escape to block his escape. Giving the rope a good tug Quinn lept off of the crosswalk and swung down in front of him drawing her knife.

Lye screeched to a stop as he saw Quinn land in front of him. “No! Not yet! I’ve almost perfected my serum. Lye shifted the cage in his hands, and grabbed the black vial which had found itself on top of the cage. Before Quinn could close he, he threw the vial at the floor near Quinn. The vial released a bright flash as it shattered, blinding Quinn for a second, and causing a ringing in her ears. Once her vision regained, Quinn let out a cough, as she realized the potion had left a large plume of smoke. As her vision too returned, she heard a trap door slam, then heard the sliding of heavy cloth on the floor.

“What was that sound? Where did he try to run off?” Quinn asked herself. While she was blinded Quinn backed up until her hand grabbed onto the door frame so she knew he hadn’t escaped. Using her other hand she began to try and wave away the smoke.

As the smoke cleared Quinn began to quickly survey the room. most of the room seem to be in the state it was beforehand with one exception. Near the back of the room, a rug seemed to have been pulled up in a hurry. Quinn walked up, and slid her foot under the rug, pulling it up. A trapdoor was easily seen on the ground. Quinn leaned down, and pulled on the handle, noticing that it was it no way locked.

Quinn cursed thinking that this was an escape tunnel and that he was getting away. Lifting it open Quinn lowered herself while keeping her knife at the ready as she looked around. The room was much smaller than she thought and it appeared to have no exit as Quinn originally thought. But it was filled with cages upon cages of animals of all different kinds. Most seemed unharmed but there were far too many that had been experimented on.

As Quinn looked around at the terrified animals, she caught some movement in her peripheral vision. Looking at it’s source, she found a what seemed to be a large box in the corner of the room, covered in cloth. Quinn began to approach the corner, and she began to hear heavy breathing. Upon reaching the box she pulled off the cloth, revealing Lye, standing inside a roughly human sized cage. The cage was in no way locked or furnished, all that was in there was Lye, and the small cage he clutched to his chest. Lye looked at Quinn with a face of fear.

“I assume you know why I’ve come here?” Quinn said now standing at the door of the cage. “I’ve been granted full authority by the Piltover Police to do as I see fit with you. So either you can set that cage down and climb into my mouth, or I can use this knife here and carve you up and eat you one piece at a time” Quinn said waving the knife back and forth.

Lye took a moment to grasp his situation, then slowly placed the cage on the floor. With the rabbit’s cage on the floor, he began to raise his hands in the air. “Please don’t hurt me, I have done nothing wrong.” Lye began to plead. “I only seek knowledge, is that not a noble pursuit? What is it if only a few animals are hurt along the way, my experiments could lead to something brilliant.”

Quinn’s expression didn’t change and she took a step forward with the knife aimed at his chest. “There’s a very big difference between studying and murdering animals. You care nothing of their well being and as such I care nothing of yours. Now what’s it going to be? Peacefully in one piece, or am I going to get this knife all bloody?” Quinn asked.

As Quinn entered the cage, Lye began visibly more panicked. Lye pulled his body into the corner , trying to get as far away from Quinn’s blade as possible. “I’ll go peacefully, don’t stab me.” As Quinn continued to approach, knife arm outstretched, Lye pulled his arms down, to cover his chest. The scientist closed his eyes, a look of distress taking over his panicked face. “Please, just don’t kill me.”

“It’s much too late for that” Quinn said returning the knife to its sheath and lifting him into the air by his armpits. Having not eaten for several days while tracking him down Quinn was starving and very eager to get him into her empty stomach. Not wasting any time Quinn stuffed his head and shoulders into her hungry maw and began to swallow him down.

Lye was plunged into darkness as his head entered Quinn’s mouth. Quickly he felt himself pulled into her throat, where the throat muscles began to contract, and pulled him down. Lye squirmed as Quinn pushed him further and further down. As Lye realized his kicking and flailing we not helping him pull free, he tried to speak. As he opened his mouth the damp air filled his lungs, and he could smell the terrifying smell of acid below. “Y-you can’t do this, I’m a human, I am not a piece of meat.” Lye stuttered in fear. “B-besides that, do you not want my bounty, do the police not want me alive?”

Quinn ignored his words and moved her hands to his waist and lifting him above her head. Having eliminated several men like this one before Quinn was very skilled at devouring her prey quickly and with ease. Without even straining her neck she was able to remove his shoes as she swallowed up to his waist with her stomach starting to expand.

Lye felt his head pop into the open chamber of the stomach. The smell of acid began to burn in his nose. Trying to stop his descent, he tried to grip onto Quinn’s throat. This grip was inadequate however on the slipper esophagus, and his body continued to be pushed down. Lye closed his eyes as his face was plunged into the liquids below. Lye shifted around his body as best he could, positioning his head above the liquid. Lye took the opportunity to take a breath, as his body continued to be pushed downwards. The acid filled air painfully filled his lungs.

As Quinn passed the halfway point she let go of his feet and began walking back towards the entrance of the room. Sucking down his legs so that it was just his knees remaining outside Quinn reached the ladder. Rubbing her belly Quinn took one final swallow sealing him inside her belly.

Quinn felt Lye struggle for his life inside of Quinn’s belly. “No! you can’t do this!” Lye cried out. Lye could feel the acids working on his body, and the stomach churning and crushing him. “I’m a person, I deserve more than a painful death!” Lye’s cries laid unanswered as slowly his struggling slowed down, and eventually stopped.

“And I’m sure you asked every animal you ‘experimented’ on if they wanted to do it or not” Quinn said sarcastically. Before she climbed the ladder Quinn’s attention was drawn by the soft whimpering from the cage to her right. Inside was a small white bunny rabbit with a blue patch of fur on the left side of its head. “Maybe a pet that wants to cuddle wouldn’t be so bad” Quinn said picking up the cage and climbing the ladder. Quinn made sure to tell the police where the animals could be found and located when she got home.
Quinn the Hunter - Killer Bunny
Collaberation between me and :iconalexgher: at his request to work with me.

Lye belongs to Alexgher
Quinn's sitting on a couch relaxing and brushing Valor's feathers. She had received a notice from Caitlyn that a man named Sasha would be staying at the house for a few days while he was on some mission. Quinn had heard of this man and was not excited to meet him at all.

Sasha walks up the long dirt pathway leading up to the large wooden door. He grasped the bronze handle, giving it 3 hard knocks against the wooden frame. He looked down at his wrinkled piece of paper again, making sure he had the address right.

Quinn returns Valor to his perch, wondering what took Sasha so long to get here. She opens the door letting him inside the house.

"Thank you, the house was kind of hard to find." He said while closing the door with a thud behind him. "So where will I be staying?" He said while pulling his backpack up further.

"Ahri prepared a room for you just at the top of the stairs on the right" Quinn said leading him. "Why did you say you needed to come here again?" she asked.

Sasha gave a glance over at her again with a slight frown. "If you must know, I'm... Looking for something in this area." He said while climbing up the stairs, leaving a trail of dirt on their wooden surface from his large boots.

"You're a ranger too?" Quinn asked opening the door to the room. Quinn whistled a soft tune and raised her right forearm parallel to the ground creating a perch for Valor who arrived swiftly. "This is my partner Valor. He's far more helpful on my journeys than any person could ever be" she said stroking the eagle's head.

Sasha looked at the winged creature perched on her arm, standing in the doorway to his quarters. "I had a companion once, scrappy little thing." He turned to face her, and pushed aside his long shaggy blonde hair to show a deep scar from his jaw line too his forehead barely grazing his left eye. "Didnt end too well for me, got a nice new fur coat out of it though." He said with a chuckle, throwing his enormous backpack onto his bed making the floor boards creak.

She gave him a scowl for ever mistreating an animal but said nothing of it. "Is there anything you need right now? Do you need any help while you're here?" Quinn asked remembering he was a guest.

Sasha made a loud thud with every step, getting comfortable in his new lodgings. "I should be fine, I should be in and out in under an hour." He cleared off a table in the corner of the room, throwing its contents onto the bed. He reached into his bag once again, pulling out a large ragged piece of paper, laying it flat along the table.

Curiosity getting the best of her Quinn silently walked over and stood behind him, leaning over his shoulder trying to get a peek at the paper.

Sasha threw his large hat over to his bag. He followed the many red lines on the map to one singular point on the map. He stroked his chin, checking his small notebook to double check his notes. He felt a breath on his shoulder, he looked up to see his eavesdropper. "Can I help you?" He said with a chuckle.

"Why are you heading to the Freljord? Your outfit seems rather unfit for the cold" Quinn said taking a step back.

Sasha turned to her with his piercing blue eyes. "Something tells me what I'm looking for is at this...frel.., thingy." He said with a smirk. "A little cold never killed anyone, especially me." He flicked his pen into the air, catching it with his other hand.

Quinn turned to walk out of room before rolling her eyes at his arrogance. "Val" Quinn said raising her arm again calling her bird from the windowsill. "How long did you say you'd be staying here?" she asked standing in the doorway.

Sasha looked over his shoulder at the women. "Give me a week and I should be out of your hair." He said, returning to his work. He turned around again quickly, "oh yeah! I'm planning to go check it out tomorrow morning, so could I get something to eat before then?" He shouted to her down the hallway.

Quinn mumbled to herself and ignored his request for food deciding she would need to get him out of the house as soon as possible. Returning to her own room Quinn thought about how to get rid of him. Before long she was in her pajamas preparing for sleep when she knew what to do. Silently she crept down the hallway gently pushing the door to his room open and peeking to see if he was asleep.

Sasha had fallen asleep at the table, his arms sprawled out across the paper. His head rose and fell with his breathing.

Quinn had to focus at controlling her breathing so as not to be noticed like earlier with the map. Skillfully avoiding all of the floorboards that creak Quinn approached the table until she was standing in front of him. Had he been awake he might enjoy the sight before him but thankfully for Quinn he was not.

In one swift motion Quinn removed the paper from underneath his arms and set it aside where she could retrieve it later. Sitting on the chair opposite Sasha Quinn lifted his left hand and brought it to her mouth and slid it in, careful to very gentle so he did not awake.

Sasha let out a small murmur upon having his hand lifted, after which he scratched his nose with his free hand.

Quinn froze and waited for two full minutes after he moved his hand before continuing. Gently she closed her teeth on his wrist just enough to keep in place while she grabbed his other hand and brought it into her mouth. Moving her hands to his elbows she leaned forward and took the first swallow. Quinn waited to see if he would react and then pulled his elbows into her mouth with another swallow.

Sasha remained asleep, his face being dragged along the table as he was drawn towards her awaiting maw. He started to however rouse in his sleep, tilting his head and letting out mumbled speech.

Realizing she doesn't have much time Quinn stands up and puts one hand under his armpit and the other behind his head before pulling him into her mouth. Quinn did not enjoy the taste of his face at all and quickly moved to take in his shoulders with her next swallow.

Sasha was fully awake now, trying to assess the situation. "W..what the hell?" He stopped mid-sentence, his visuals completely cut off, only able to feel the moistness of the insides of her mouth, and the sound of her throat muscles hard at work. He attempted to move his arms only to realize that they were already completely down her throat, smart, she must have experience in this. He moved his legs to wrap around get upper body, trying to get some leverage to pull himself out with. "I'm not going down this easy!" His muffled voice coming through the thin layer of skin.

Quinn smiled at his feeble attempt to escape, glad she had put the table between herself and him. She moved her hands to his armpits and pulled them into her mouth while starting to swallow his head.

Sasha started to feel the pressure under his arms, he was slipping in fast, so he would have to be quick. He tried to push his waist backwards out of her mouth, getting leverage from his legs wrapped around the table legs.

Quinn noticed he wrapped his legs around the base of the table and chuckled as best she could with a man in her throat. She stood up and lay across the table so that she could pull him in much easier. Sliding her chest forward Quinn grabbed his waist and began pulling it into her maw.

Sasha let out a rough yell, baffled by how strong she was, he felt his grip around the table slipping. His hands had made their way into her stomach now, feeling the lining of it around his forearms. His head was at the top of the throat, looking down the contracting fleshy tube.

As Quinn reached the halfway point she took a moment to feel the bulge running down from her neck to her stomach. Not wanting to have his dirty taste in her mouth much longer Quinn grabbed his belt and pulled herself forward as his legs were still holding the table, for now.

Sasha felt the hard tug from his waist, seeing that she wanted to be done with him quickly. His grip on the table could only hold on for so much longer, It looked like Sasha had to do the one thing he despised most in the world, negotiate. "Sooo what if I split the bounty I get from this animal with you? Lets say, 70 for me 30 for you?" He said through her necks flesh, leaving a bulge in it.

Quinn ignored his words half insulted he would ask her to kill an animal. Knowing that this man had to die Quinn moved her hands to his thighs and pulled herself forward again. Her belly was now pushing her off of the table and her mouth was at the other side of where she had sat down.

Sasha felt his legs being ripped from their binding position on the table, being layed completely horizontal inside of this ravenous women. The only parts of his body he could really move at this point was below his knees, so just as anyone would do, he began kicking his legs up and down. "C'mon! I paid you a good fee to stay here! And this is how you repay me??" His loud angry tone was muffled through her throat.

Quinn put her hands on the edge of the table and begin pushing herself up so that she could get gravity to help finish him off. Despite her strength she did have the extra weight from his body inside of her so it was very difficult. Eventually Quinn got enough leverage to lift herself off of the table and she sat back down in the chair with her bloated belly.

Sasha slid down the soft passage, eventually having his head reach the stomach, entering its smelly humid atmosphere. The rest of him shortly followed, forcing him into a curled up ball within her, being massaged by the warm wet stomach walls all around him. Sasha placed his head against the stomach wall to improve his chances of being heard, "hilarious ma'am, you got me! Now can you please let me out? You’re going to ruin my good jacket." He said angrily through the stomach wall.

Quinn started rubbing her belly with one hand while she removed his dirty boots with the other. Reaching up Quinn then pushed on his feet and slurped them down, sealing him inside of her body. Leaning back in the chair Quinn let out a strong belch while rubbing her stomach.

Sasha's sense of awareness was crushed, being in complete darkness, and having his hearing bombarded with the sound of her internal organs hard at work, and the strong beating of her heart. Sasha pushed his arms above his head, trying to make a bit of space for movement in his cramped prison, feeling the stomach walls push back against his efforts. "Those are my favorite boots!" He shouted.

"And which animal did you senselessly murder to make them?" Quinn asked in a harsh tone while pressing her hands against where he was pushing.

"I traded for them! Cost me a set of ivory knives, anyway that's not important! You can't just, eat people!" He felt his arms being pressed against, making retaliate with a flurry of kicks against the stomach wall.

"And you can't just kill innocent animals for your enjoyment or gain. Animals deserve respect which you clearly don't have" Quinn replied. "I've been looking for a way to get rid of you for a while now and this seemed fitting" she said standing up and waddling over to the bed. Lying down Quinn took in how large her gut truly was with him inside her.

Sasha was rocked side to side with her poor attempt at walking, and finally splashed down as she flopped into bed. "Ok... You've taught me my lesson, good job!" He attempted to clap within her, making his fleshy prison shake with his movements. "How long am I in here for?" He said with a somewhat bored tone.

"As long as it takes for you to pass out before you're digested" Quinn replied before rolling over onto her side.

Sasha braced himself, being flipped sideways sent her stomach juices splashing everywhere with a loud slosh. He wiped his face of the vile juices. "People will notice I'm gone! I have clients!" He said shouting and pounding on the stomach wall, leaving bulges on its soft exterior.

"And I bet most of them are on my list of people who need to pay for animal cruelty. Now stop talking and pass out already" Quinn said pulling the blankets over her body and drifting to sleep with her full belly starting to make work on the man trapped inside.
Quinn the Hunter - First Prey
Collaboration between me and :iconthefons60: at his request to work with me.

Sasha belongs to TheFons60

I'm not certain on how I feel about these kinds of things but if there's interest I think I could do some with you guys if you want.
Well no not actually.

I have the week off for reading week. I'm working on a replica of Ryuko's scissor blade from Kill la Kill out of foam. Foam is half inch thick so I need two carvings of the sword to get it inch thick. I'm using a utility knife(box cutter) and being super careful not to cut towards myself.

Finished the first one in an hour and took a break for lunch. Got about halfway done the second carving and I don't catch myself cutting towards myself and there's suddenly a gash in my left thumb.

Strangely calm for someone with a gash in their thumb I wrap it in paper towel and apply pressure for about 20 minutes until my mom gets home. She says I need stitches. Yay.....

Two hours of waiting and then 10 minutes of procedure and I have 3-4(not sure I wasn't looking) stitches in my thumb and just got home.

Depending on how I feel I might still be able to do both chapters for this week tomorrow.

Sorry for putting the next chapter off so much.

Knives are sharp.
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