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Jul 29, 2015
4:22 am
Jul 29, 2015
3:57 am
Jul 29, 2015
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Jul 29, 2015
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Jul 29, 2015
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Should I draw more girls being fed to Tahm? 

6 deviants said Ahri
2 deviants said Do every girl, but start with... (leave comment with name)
2 deviants said Other (leave comment)
1 deviant said Quinn
No deviants said Sona
No deviants said Non-League girl(s) (leave comment with name)


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"Tampa's running out of time, one last shot and the goalie easily knocks it away. And with that Chicago has won the first game of the Sta-"

The announcer was cut off as Janna turned off "A bet's a bet Janna" Ashe said leaning back into her seat and smiling. Even though it was only the first game of the series Janna was still visibly angry with the outcome. After a deep sigh Janna walked over and sat on Ashe's lap and held her arm up. 

Of all the champions in the League Ashe and Janna were the only two who enjoyed watching hockey and the NHL. This year luck had it that their two teams had made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Janna's team is the Tampa Bay Lightning due to her side job as a weather forecaster and Ashe's favorite is the Chicago Blackhawks for obvious reasons.

To make things more interesting though Ashe and Janna have made a bet. After their team wins a game they would be allowed to taste and swallow the other person's arm for twenty minutes. And for whichever team won the Stanley Cup, the winner of the bet would be allowed to eat the loser whole and carry them around for a week.

"Oh you even used the vanilla flavoured nail polish I gave you" Ashe said taking Janna's small hand and slowly licking each finger. Ashe worked her tongue down in between Janna's fingers trying to make the girl giggle. Not satisfied with Janna's lack of response to her tongue's actions Ashe reached her free hand around Janna's body and clamped down on Janna's breast.

Ashe's sudden actions startled Janna and she jumped away from the hand on her breast. But in doing so she shoved her arm down Ashe's throat up to her shoulder. Janna tried to pull her arm out of Ashe's mouth but Ashe held onto Janna's body and pointed to the clock, she had eighteen minutes more. Janna sighed and lowered her head which made Ashe grin.

Over the next fifteen minutes Ashe's mouth and throat went to work on Janna's vanilla flavoured arm. Her tongue coated the arm in saliva as she sucked it in and out of her mouth. Every so often she gently gnawed on it with her teeth much to Janna's discomfort. The entire time while Janna was unable to run away Ashe took full advantage of exploring the girl's petite body. Just like how her arm was soaking wet in saliva, Janna's panties were soaked in her juices much to her embarrassment.

Once the timer hit twenty minutes Ashe squeezed Janna's breasts one more time before spitting out her arm. "You're really cute when you're embarrassed Janna" Ashe said wiping some saliva off of her cheek. Janna seemed to ignore Ashe's comment as she gently blew her wind on her arm to dry it off quickly. Once she finished her arm Janna took off the Tampa Bay Lightning shorts she wore and wind dried them too while Ashe admired Janna's wet panties camel toe. "Your lips look very succulent today Janna" Ashe said picked up her empty drink and moving to leave. Janna blushed and turned away from Ashe as she finished drying her shorts. After Ashe had left Janna took off her soaked panties and put her shorts back on and left for her room.

The next game started out well for Chicago but late in the game Tampa Bay scored two quick goals to pull ahead and win game two. Ashe sighed and removed her shirt and bra before walking over to Janna. "You didn't have to do that" Janna said taking Ashe's right hand.

"Just in case you wanted to play a little" Ashe said sitting down beside Janna. Janna ignored Ashe's comment and sucked on the tips of Ashe's fingers after she started the timer. Slow and methodically Janna sucked and swallowed Ashe's fingers and hand. When the timer has half done Janna had just reached Ashe's shoulder and she could feel Ashe's fingers trying to tickle the inside of her stomach. Luckily for Janna she was able to precisely control her wind to circulate inside her stomach and prevent Ashe's fingers from touching the walls of her stomach. 

"You're no fun Janna" Ashe said giving up her attempts to tickle Janna and slid her other arm down her shorts. Janna watched as Ashe pleasured herself quickly and expertly bringing herself to climax before the timer reached two minutes left. 
League of Legends Vore - Ashe and Janna's Bet
I was going to do a picture + vore story with Ashe and Janna based on the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals between Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning. But I just never finished it 
Corsair Quinn Noms Papi
Digital drawing version of Corsair Quinn noms Papi by TheFudgeman by :iconthefudgeman:

Corsair Quinn from League of Legends eating Papi from Monster Musume

My first go at doing a picture with flat colour and no shading
Two big milestones hit at the same time (well almost, still ~1000 away from 200k but w/e)

Thank you guys all so much for your continued support. Once again I want to give back to my watchers with a contest.

In order to enter all you have to do is;

1 be watching me
2 favorite this journal

You may receive a second chance to win if you link this journal to someone, they enter the contest themselves and they comment "Sent by <your username>"

The winner will get one story or picture of (almost) anything they wish. 
However, if I manage to get 50 entries I will give the winner both a story and a picture (or give the other prize to a second winner should the first winner only want one).

I will leave this contest open for a while in hopes of getting as many entries as possible. Good luck to you all and thank you once again.
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