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Jul 4, 2015
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Should I draw more girls being fed to Tahm? 

5 deviants said Ahri
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Keel by QuinnCrystal
A colouring of a sketch from "Fairies in the Rain" sketch pack by :iconsaintxtail: 

Named by :iconalexgher:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
“You are hereby summoned….aid in search and healing….injured on crucial mission….Shen?!” Akali said as she skimmed through the letter she had received. Going back to read the entire letter again Akali learned that Shen was sent out on a mission and had been injured and a field nurse was needed. Akali set the letter down and went to her closet to get her work uniform and the first aid kit. Looking at the letter again Akali noticed that Shen’s last known position was just a few miles away from the Placidium, where Irelia grew up.

Akali changed out of her lace pajamas and put on matching green bra and panties with white hoops before covering them with her nurse uniform. She sat down on a chair to put on her socks and shoes before grabbing the letter and first aid kit and leaving her house.

As Akali neared the gates at the front of the town that the champions from Ionia lived in she ran into Irelia who had just returned from a jog. “Woah, Akali what’s going on? Who got hurt?” Irelia asked taking note of Akali’s attire.

“Shen. He was injured just a few miles east of the Placidium” Akali said handing Irelia the letter. Irelia skimmed through the letter quickly before she tucked it away between her breasts and her outfit.

“I’m coming with you. I know that forest better than anyone alive and you’ll need me to get past some of those cliffs” Irelia said.

“No, I was asked to do this and I’ve always done and succeeded these missions alone. Thank you for the offer but I will be fine Irelia” Akali said reaching her hand forward to try and retrieve the letter.

Irelia slapped Akali’s hand away and started walking away from the town. “Well in that case I guess you don’t need this letter after all and I wish you the best of luck.”

“Fine” Akali sighed. “Would you please accompany me on this mission Irelia?” Akali asked reluctantly. Irelia turned to face Akali and smiled as she pushed the letter deeper into her cleavage.

Their journey went quickly with relative ease, Irelia trying to engage in conversation while Akali only responded with one word answers. Akali didn’t want to admit it but it was a good thing that Irelia had come with her. More than once Irelia had led Akali off the dirt path to a hidden route which provided to be much faster.

“Why do you wear that white outfit and those dumb shoes?” Irelia asked trying to get something out of Akali.

“As a rule. The nurses uniform indicates that I’m not on harmful missions should I run into enemies like Noxians” Akali said finally using more than a word or two.

“Okay, but why the dumb shoes? They’ve made you trip and nearly break your ankle half a dozen times.”

“Because they’re pretty” Akali mumbled but Irelia still heard what she said and did her best not to laugh. “It’s not funny Irelia” Akali said shoving the first aid kit into Irelia’s hands and storming off.

“Akali wait!” Irelia called out.

“No I don’t want to hear what else you have to say.”

“Akali stop! There’s a drop behind that bush!”

“There’s a what?” Akali asked as she stepped through a bush, heard a branch snap and fell forwards.

Irelia cursed and ran as fast as she could with Akali’s first aid kit in her hands around to the bottom of the drop. When she reached the bottom she found Akali clutching her left leg with blood pouring out and she was holding back tears. Irelia lifted Akali and placed her onto a nearby log and looked at her injury.

A branch had lodged itself through Akali’s leg. “Take off your clothes Akali” Irelia said as she removed her own.

“Just my sock should be enough Irelia” Akali said.

“No, you said it yourself. I need to wear the white nurse outfit” Irelia said taking the nurse cap off of Akali’s head and placing it on her own. Akali sighed and removed her uniform leaving her in just her bra and panties as Irelia struggled to cover her breasts and hips. “Your body really is tiny, huh Akali” Irelia said looking at how much of her breasts and panties were exposed. “Now tell me what to do” Irelia said ripping Akali’s shoes and socks off and opening the first aid kit.

Akali winced as her sock came off but tried to ignore the pain. “Find the knife and cut the branch as close to the skin as possible” she said as she clenched her teeth and leaned back against the log. Irelia unfolded the knife and braced Akali’s leg with her other arm as she quickly cut through the branch on both sides of Akali’s leg. “Wipe off the blood and apply the disinfectant” Akali said.

Irelia scrambled looking at the labels off all the bottles until she found the right one and poured more than enough causing Akali to scream out in pain. “Now…wrap it in gauze. I can…get Shen to remove the stick…once we return” Akali grunted.

“No, I should take you back now. Better to leave Shen than for both of you to be injured” Irelia said as she wrapped Akali’s leg.

“Irelia I’m fine. You did a good job and I need to get to Shen right now” Akali said moving to stand up.

“Akali you can’t even stand on that leg. I’m carrying you back” Irelia said handing Akali the first aid kit and her clothes and placing her arms under Akali’s knees and back.

“At least take me to Shen. How much farther is it. My injury is nothing compared to what will happen to Shen if we don’t hurry” Akali said pushing Irelia’s arms away.

Irelia sat down on the log behind Akali and put her hands on Akali’s shoulders. “I can carry you Akali, but not with my arms. If you trust me, I will carry you inside my womb to Shen and then I will let you out” Irelia said waiting for Akali’s reaction. Akali nodded and placed the first aid kit along with Irelia’s clothes on the ground before lying down with her head inches away from Irelia’s crotch.

Irelia stood and removed her pink panties and sat down while gently stroking the side of Akali’s face. “I will do my best to keep your journey smooth” Irelia said before sliding forward and pressing her vagina against Akali’s head. Irelia silently moaned as her lips spread to fit Akali’s head and she inched forward. Irelia moved Akali’s arms to her sides as she passed over Akali’s chin. Irelia spread her legs as far apart as she could as she reached Akali’s shoulders and grunted a little trying to fit them inside her body.

“I’ll get you to Shen in no time” Irelia said gently patting Akali’s breasts before they popped inside her body. Irelia inched forward again and now with a good amount of Akali inside of her she was forced to lean back. Propping herself up on her elbows Irelia continued to inch forward as well as suck Akali’s body inside. As she reached Akali’s waist her belly had grown enough that she could no longer see Akali’s legs but could see the outline of her head.

After Akali’s knees slid inside of Irelia she stood up and reached below her belly and pushed Akali’s feet all the way inside. “Are you alright in there Akali?” Irelia asked gently rubbing her large belly. Akali didn’t speak but simply pressed her hand out where Irelia’s was. Irelia picked up the first aid kit along with her clothes and began walking again in the direction of Shen. “I wonder if I could fit two people in there?”
Alexgher Admits  the Truth by QuinnCrystal
Alexgher Admits the Truth
:iconalexgher: admits the truth that we've all know. The fact that Quinn's breasts are in fact, much larger than Akali's
One hundred watchers. Wow. Thanks to all of you for following me and my work. I can't possibly emphasize how much it means to me. But now I want to give something special to you guys. Hug 

I am holding a contest where the winner will be given a story on anything they wish from me. It does not have to be Vore and there is very little that I will not do (will be discussed with the winner).

In order to enter all you have to do is be a watcher and B favorite this journal.

After about a week I will randomly select one of the entrants with or something similar and contact the chosen winner.

Once again thank you for following me and good luck to all who enter Clap 

edit: Winner has been selected and will be announced in due time
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