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Apr 1, 2015
9:05 pm
Apr 1, 2015
8:48 pm
Apr 1, 2015
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Apr 1, 2015
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Apr 1, 2015
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What would you like my first Anime Vore story to be from? 

7 deviants said Kill la Kill
4 deviants said Other(please list in comments)
3 deviants said Sword Art Online
2 deviants said Attack on Titan
1 deviant said Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
1 deviant said Cross Ange
No deviants said No Game No Life
No deviants said Twintails
No deviants said Trinity Seven


With her full belly slowly shrinking Ahri was able to get the first real sleep she had in a while. Almost two full days after she ate Sona and Sejuani her belly had returned to its flat state and her assets had grown immensely. Her breasts were by far the largest she had ever seen any breasts get and her ass was very full and squishy. Finally though after what was a very long and boring time alone in her bubble, Ahri was visited by Vel’koz.

“I will remove the gag, you will choose one of the two to free, and then you will consume the other with no objections. Am I clear?” Vel’koz asked Ahri who nodded twice in response. Vel’koz summoned the key that unlocked the gag in Ahri’s mouth. Ahri’s jaw was very sore for being held open and unable to move it for two days so she took a while to stretch it. “I’m going to eat Caitlyn” Ahri said with a twinge of regret in her voice. Vel’koz nodded and left before returning a minute later and dropping a naked and unconscious Caitlyn beside Ahri.

Ahri wondered why Caitlyn was naked and unconscious but she did not want to upset Vel’koz anymore. Still not wanting to do this Ahri slowly picked up Caitlyn’s feet and placed them into her mouth and sucked on them. Ahri sat there licking Caitlyn’s feet inside her mouth for as long as she dared without angering Vel’koz. Moving her hands to Caitlyn’s knees Ahri took the first swallow. Now she started licking Caitlyn’s ankles and calves, once again as long as she dared before grabbing Caitlyn’s ass and swallowing again.

Slowly Caitlyn’s legs disappeared into Ahri’s maw but not before being thoroughly coated in the fox-girl’s saliva. Still trying to get her mind over the fact that she was eating Caitlyn Ahri let her hands play around with Caitlyn’s butt for a while and even poking a finger inside her anus. Ahri closed her eyes so she would not have to look at Caitlyn’s face. Ahri moved her arms to just below Caitlyn’s armpits and lifted her meal in the air.

After pulling Caitlyn’s waist into her mouth Ahri let her hands feel Caitlyn’s breasts which were now smaller than her own. Still with her eyes closed Ahri reached around and brought Caitlyn’s hands into her mouth and swallowing them. Now with Caitlyn’s breasts against her lips Ahri leaned back and placed her hands on her growing belly, feeling how Caitlyn’s knees were pushing out against her skin. Still with her eyes closed Ahri slowly swallowed Caitlyn’s breasts, shoulders and her head sending her to Ahri’s stomach.

As she felt Caitlyn’s head travel down her throat and stop in her stomach Ahri finally broke emotionally and burst into tears. Ahri cradled her belly and wept onto its shiny surface angry at herself for going through with it. “I do not understand your sorrow Miss Ahri. But I have one last thing to show you before you are free to return home as you wish” Vel’koz said lifting the weeping Ahri and carrying her up through the door on the ceiling.

Ahri couldn’t comprehend what she was hearing as Vel’koz took her up to the next floor. It sounded like cheering and applause from a large number of women. Ahri rubbed her eyes which were now red from her tears and looked to see everyone who had been defeated. Everyone from Nidalee in the very first battle to Sona and Sejuani who made it to the very end were alive and here cheering for Ahri.

“But…how?” Ahri asked as Vel’koz set her down in a chair. “Eyeball has his own spawning Nexus” Katarina said pointing to the purple crystal on the ceiling. “Does this mean that Miss Cai-“ Ahri said but was cut off by Sona’s kiss. “That wasn’t the real Miss Caitlyn. Vel’koz was testing you” Sona said to Ahri before pulling away. “Oh Sona your ears are gone” Ahri said putting her hand on the side of Sona’s head but Sona’s face showed that she didn’t mind.

“But then why have this tournament in the first place?” Ahri asked looking at Vel’koz. “If I must be honest I was asked to hold a tournament here and play the role of host. I’m not certain but I believe it was for the entertainment of some summoners” he replied. It was a little overwhelming for Ahri at first but after some food and drinks it finally set in on her.

By the time it was dark outside Ahri was lying on a couch with Sona perched on her belly kissing Ahri. “Are you ready to go home tomorrow Sona?” Ahri asked adjusting herself a little without knocking Sona off. Sona nodded and curiously slid her hand down towards Ahri’s crotch and let her fingers work their magic.
LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - 15
The final chapter of the third League of Legends Vore Tournament.

Please leave any comments, questions or ideas below.

Previous chapter: LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - 14
Well no not actually.

I have the week off for reading week. I'm working on a replica of Ryuko's scissor blade from Kill la Kill out of foam. Foam is half inch thick so I need two carvings of the sword to get it inch thick. I'm using a utility knife(box cutter) and being super careful not to cut towards myself.

Finished the first one in an hour and took a break for lunch. Got about halfway done the second carving and I don't catch myself cutting towards myself and there's suddenly a gash in my left thumb.

Strangely calm for someone with a gash in their thumb I wrap it in paper towel and apply pressure for about 20 minutes until my mom gets home. She says I need stitches. Yay.....

Two hours of waiting and then 10 minutes of procedure and I have 3-4(not sure I wasn't looking) stitches in my thumb and just got home.

Depending on how I feel I might still be able to do both chapters for this week tomorrow.

Sorry for putting the next chapter off so much.

Knives are sharp.
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