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Nov 28, 2014
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Do you like the picture of the four kids and should I make more?(Request characters in comments) 

6 deviants said Focus on writing
2 deviants said OMG Yes why havn't you made one of every character?!?!?
2 deviants said They were cool, do it if you want
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League of Legends Vore
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“I trust you have all figured out how this will function, but I will explain anyway. You have all been split into four teams of four and now represent one of the women you came in search of“ Vel’koz said from the center of the large room. “There will be a single battle each day with the winner being granted both their opponent and the spoils of war, so to say 5000 gold.” This made everyone curious, “What do we want with gold?” Leona asked from the pink bubble. “I have a store opened in the next room with plenty of items that would be considered desirable given your current living arrangements. You all have 2500 gold right now and should you win a battle you will also receive all the gold your opponent had.”

“Now for the first battle; The Bestial Huntress against Rise of the Thorns” Vel’koz said. Neither Nidalee nor Zyra looked too happy to be the first pair to fight. Two tubes appeared from the floor and rose up towards the pink and green bubbles before attaching themselves to the glass. The hole opened up and Zyra and Nidalee entered their tube and were brought down to the floor of the room. All the while the white bubble on the ceiling had been lowered to 20 feet above the ground. Nidalee noticed the pounding sounds and looked up to see Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Quinn and Vi were gagged and trying to break the glass. “Do not try to use your spear on the glass. It is not of this world and over a foot thick” Vel’koz said now floating beside the white bubble.

“I’ll show these house cats real claws” Nidalee said running towards Zyra. Zyra cast Grasping Roots but Nidalee was too fast and ran to the side of them before jumping in the air. Turning into her Cougar form Nidalee used Pounce and knocked Zyra to the ground before lashing out with Takedown. Zyra blocked the attack with her arm and dropped two seeds behind Nidalee and cast Deadly Bloom on them. Nidalee jumped off Zyra to escape the Thorn Spitters attacks and transformed back into human. Zyra smiled, “My prey thinks itself clever” she said dropping seeds all around the room. Nidalee did her best to destroy every seed but Zyra planted more.

Even with her Cougar speed Nidalee could not keep the number of seeds down and dodge Zyra’s spells. Then Nidalee charged at one of the walls and lept onto it. She ran up the wall as far as she could before leaping off backwards towards the center of the room. Zyra was unable to use Grasping Roots on Nidalee and instead cast Deadly Bloom where she stood. Nidalee transformed and threw a Javelin at Zyra. The spear made contact and severed Zyra’s left arm off. Zyra grunted in pain but was able to smile as the spear lodged itself in the ground and was quickly swallowed up by one of her Thorn Spitters. Nidalee saw her spear disappear and knew she was in trouble. She transformed back into Cougar and lunged at Zyra as she landed and bit onto Zyra’s other arm trying to tear it off.

Zyra felt her right arm begin to come off but she knew she had already won. Nidalee was preoccupied with Zyra’s arm to notice the large number of seeds that were now blooming into Thorn Spitters and Vine Lashers. With a snap of the bone Nidalle ripped Zyra’s other arm off, right as fifty plants fired at the enemy feline. Zyra watched as the cat scrambled around trying to dodge the plants’ attack. But nothing could save her now. Nidalee was quickly running out of time, and of blood. Her movements became slower and less precise; her breathing became raspy, until she finally collapsed at the feet of Zyra.

Zyra breathed in relief when Nidalle finally collapsed at her feet. Dropping onto her knees Zyra bit onto Nidalee’s foot and swallowed it. It took a bit of effort due to her missing arms but Zyra was able to grab the second foot and it too was now traveling down her enlarged throat. Slowly and methodically Zyra enjoyed the bloody flesh of her opponent, taking breaks to stop and lick off the blood and sweat before swallowing again. Nidalee’s ass was now in Zyra’s mouth and Zyra was kneading her butt with pleasure. Zyra then made quick work of Nidalee’s torso and reached her breasts which were also assaulted by Zyra’s mouth. Two more swallows and Nidalee’s head was in Zyra’s mouth as her belly expanded outwards raising the plant girl off the ground. With a slurp Nidalee’s arms were sealed away inside of Zyra. BBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP.

“Excellent work, Rise of the Thorns. If you would, two of my Voidborne will take you to the medical room to reattach your limbs, afterwards you may visit the store with your 10,000 total gold” Vel’koz said as the white bubble was raised back to the ceiling and everyone else went back to their rooms.

Zyra was gone for about two hours which had Irelia worried but soon enough she returned with arms full of goodies. “You guys have got to visit that store. I swear they have everything” Zyra said placing the bags on her bed. “What did you get?” Diana asked curiously peeking into a black bag. “Good pillows, blankets, snacks, a chair that will be delivered later. And I also go you guys something” Zyra said reaching for the blue bag. “For Diana, a mirror that shows the moon at all times” Zyra said handing it to Diana who smiled and went to hang it on the wall beside her bed. “For Elise, two pet beds specifically designed for arachnids.” Elise thanked Zyra and summoned her spiderlings who hung the beds from the ceiling with their webs. “And finally for Irelia, this may have cost me all the gold I had left but it was defiantly worth it. It is a viewing glass that will follow Jacquelyn around all day” Zyra said giving the small glass to Irelia. Sure enough there was Jacquelyn sitting with Cadance and Celina on the roof laughing. Irelia was brought to tears and couldn’t do anything more than cry for several minutes. “Th-thank you” she finally said embracing Zyra in a hug. “Oww ow. Still have a filled tummy and my arms full of stitches.”
“Good evening, ladies” Vel’koz said as he entered through the hatch in the ceiling. Unlike the other 16 whose bubbles lead to a separate room with beds, Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Quinn and Vi were trapped in their bubble suspended from the ceiling of the large room. Their chains had since been removed but they were still trapped in a glass bowl 50 feet above the ground. “What do you want with us? We need to get back to our children” Caitlyn said. “I must apologize to you four profusely. My only goal in bringing you here was to draw out the others for analysis. I would have preferred more but 16 should be an excellent sample size” Velk’koz replied. “What do you want with them? And why didn’t you just ask? And why do we need to be up in this dammed bubble!” Vi asked rather angrily.

“I want to know more about how females are able to consume other beings whole. The Voidborne lack sufficient bodies for the task so I sought the assistance of the League. Strangely they declined my request. So I bought this castle, made it suit my liking and brought you four here. My apologies if I have done you any physical or emotional harm.” Finally Quinn spoke, “What about my daughters? What about Cait and Vi’s kids? What about Leona’s sons? What about Ahri’s daughter? How are you going to make it up to a bunch of kids if their parents die or don’t come back?!?!” Quinn shouted jumping at the eyeball with tears streaming down her face. Vel’koz rolled his eye and quickly restrained Quinn’s arms and legs with two tentacles and slid the third into her mouth. “I have no quarrels with anyone. I wish no harm upon anyone, unless they defy me and my experiments. You four will be returned to everyone once the tournament is concluded. Except if your entire team is eliminated” Vel’koz said releasing Quinn.

This caught their attention “Our team? What do you mean by that?” Cassiopeia asked slightly winded from Quinn landing on her. “Did I forget to tell you? The 16 girls have been split into four teams that will fight for you. Lose all four fighters and….let’s just say it’s best if your team isn’t eliminated. The first battle will be tomorrow. Get comfortable, you four are going to be here for a long time” Vel’koz said as he left the bubble with shouts coming from inside it.

After the bubbles had attached themselves to the walls four doors opened up that lead to living quarters. There was nothing special about these rooms, four beds, two toilets, bathtub, shower, couch, two chairs but at least they weren’t stuck in the bubbles. “Why is this room so pink?” Nidalee asked, clearly not happy with the colour. “My guess is that it represents Miss Vi and by extension we’re fighting on behalf of her” Riven said. “Does this mean we have to win in order to free Vi and all the others will be doing the same for Caitlyn, Quinn and Cassiopeia?” Leona asked. Morgana, Nidalee and Riven all shrugged.

“Sona, Sona! The room is blue! It’s BLUE!!” Ahri cheered running in circles with excitement once the doors opened and Sona jumped with jy. “What does blue have to do with anything?” Syndra asked Katarina who remained lying against the glass bubble looking down at the floor. “Ahri and I are servants for Miss Quinn. Sona prefers Quinn to the other three for many reasons. Miss Quinn’s colour is blue, Caitlyn’s is purple, Cassiopeia’s is green and Vi’s is pink. We are to fight for Miss Quinn” Katarina said somewhat happy that she could still serve Quinn. Despite her past and what people thought about her, Katarina really grew to care about Quinn and her daughter Cadance. “Well that’s good. This will give them more motivation to win this thing” Syndra said lying down on one of the beds.

“Oh I like this green. Reminds me of home” Zyra said when the doors opened. Diana and Elise didn’t seem to care about the colour but Irelia was clearly upset. “Jacky…Jacky I’m sorry” Irelia cried with her head between her knees. “It’s my fault your Mommy was kidnapped and now I’m trapped with her and there’s no one to look after you…No one that knows you like I-Ido” she exclaimed hitting the glass in anger. “Who’s Jacky?” Elise whispered to Diana. “Miss Cassiopeia’s daughter. Irelia has nursed her since birth and personally been in charge of her when Miss Cassiopeia was busy” Diana replied. “What did you do, Diana?” Elise asked. “I am the kids teacher so I also have strong reasons to get back to them quickly. But we left them in good hands so they should be ok.”

“Purple…Miss Caitlyn” Sejauni said as she was taken in shock only now realising what was truly on the line here. Ashe, Akali and Fiora took their own beds and sat there waiting for Sejuani to speak. “Based on the colour of the room and splitting us into four groups I would say we have to fight in order to free Miss Caitlyn while the other twelve will do the same for Quinn, Cassiopiea and Vi. I didn’t get a good look at the groups but I feel we are the strongest of the four. We should be looking for chances to free them at every opportunity as well as winning our battles” Sejauni said. “Don’t worry Sejuani. I’m sure everyone else is trying to find a way out of here as well. Before you know it we’ll be back home eating my roasted sirloin steak” Ashe said. “Mmhhm…steak” Fiora said falling back onto her bed.
LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - 2
Sorry no battle today. I wanted to do a little more introduction first. The first battle will be ready tomorrow.

Please leave any comments, questions or ideas below.

Previous chapter: LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - 1
Next chapter: LoL Vore Tournament: Into the Maw - Battle 1
I cannot believe I am almost done my first semester of college. This Wednesday (November 12th) marks one month before my final exam of the semester. But that's not the good news.

With the 2014 ranked season ending this Tuesday I will no longer feel 'forced' into playing as much League of Legends as possible and can FINALLY start the third Vore Tournament. YAY!!

This will be a lot different than the first two and in a whole new location. I will post the prologue on Tuesday with a voting link attached. The voting this week will decide specifically how the tournament will run, as well as who will compete XP

Side note - I have gotten a lot more into anime this semester thanks to two of my class mates. I am currently watching Ore, Twintails Ni Narimasu and Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo. If you haven't heard of these and enjoy being entertained, please start watching them. Twintails is by far anime of the year.
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