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Jan 31, 2015
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What would you like my first Anime Vore story to be from? 

6 deviants said Kill la Kill
3 deviants said Sword Art Online
2 deviants said Other(please list in comments)
1 deviant said Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
No deviants said Attack on Titan
No deviants said No Game No Life
No deviants said Twintails
No deviants said Trinity Seven
No deviants said Cross Ange


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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Quinn and Ahri were out on a trip together to visit Caitlyn and Vi in Piltover. Having been an elite ranger for the Demacian Military Quinn was very apt at navigating the terrain as the pair travelled through the Ironspike Mountains. Ahri however, was not. The fox girl struggled to keep steady footing and more than once and tripped which resulted in her knees and hands being scuffed up.

“How much farther do these mountains go for Quinn?” Ahri asked as she carefully placed her foot across a small ledge. Quinn whistled in a pattern and waited before five caws were replied by the bird flying above them.

“Valor says about five miles left. But at least we’re almost halfway” Quinn said seeing how disappointed Ahri was with the answer. The pair finally arrived at a foot path that curved around the side of one of the larger mountains and was clear of any debris. “Seems like Zuan finally cleared away their experiments that made it almost impossible to cross this” Quinn said.

Once they reached the end of the footpath however, there was a very large wall of rocks in front of them. “How are we supposed to climb that?” Ahri asked. Quinn laughed at Ahri’s lack of confidence and made swift work of lifting Ahri by the knees and back. “Woah wow. Oh ummm…Thanks Quinn” Ahri said as she lifted her tails so they would not get hurt on the rocks. Even with carrying Ahri, Quinn was able to climb the rocks with relative ease and much quicker than if Ahri had tried to climb it herself.

As they reached the top they were greeted by someone they never expected to meet way out here in the mountains. “What are you doing out here Zilean?” Ahri asked as Quinn set her down. Before Zilean could speak one word Quinn had expertly drawn her crossbow, grabbed Zilean in a one handed grip and pressed the bow against his head.

“Who else was sent to spy on us?” Quinn demanded.

“I am here by will of the Gods only. I am sent as you two will need me in a matter of time” Zilean responded.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are Noxians going to ambush us?” Ahri asked.

“I cannot tell the future or your fates before they happen” Zilean answered.

“More like you can’t tell us who hired you to spy on us” Quinn said moving her fingers from the handle of her bow to the trigger.

“Quinn wait! We both know how excellent his predictions are. If he says we’re going to need him, then I say we let him travel with us” Ahri said. Quinn sighed and lowered her weapon and let go of Zilean. “Which path do we take now Quinn?” Ahri asked as they had reached a fork in the road.

“I’m fairly sure it’s the left one but I’ll ask Val” Quinn said before whistling a shorter pattern which resulted in two caws. “Yes it’s the left one now let me just get my-Ahri wait don’t!” Quinn called out as Ahri took a step and the rock her foot landed on broke away. Before she knew what was happening Ahri was tumbling down the rocky hill and being torn up by the spikes sticking out.

Quinn raced down as fast as she could while trying her best to stay calm and keep her focus. Finally Ahri reached the bottom of the hill but Quinn could see from halfway up the hill that Ahri was seriously injured, bleeding and not moving. Recklessly Quinn leaped off of the hill and landed into a roll that very well could have broken her spine to get to Ahri faster. “Ahri. Ahri? Ahri! Can you hear me Ahri?” Quinn cried out running over and putting her ear on Ahri’s breast listening for breathing or a pulse.

“She’s not dead, not yet at least” Zilean said.

“How did you get down so- But she’s not breathing!” Quinn said.

“There is a way to save Ahri but it will take a lot from you Quinn. If you wish to save your friend you must take her inside your womanhood where she will be healed by the time you reach Piltover” Zilean responded.

“Wait what? I have to shove Ahri up my vagina? How will I ever get her hand inside me let alone her entire body!?” Quinn asked starting to get angry at Zilean.

“The Gods have their ways. You may wish to hurry. Ahri has no more than five minutes before she dies from blood loss” Zilean said.

Not wanting to waste any time Quinn took of her pants and boots as fast as she could and carefully sat down by Ahri’s head and spread her legs. Carefully taking Ahri’s left arm, which was missing a large chunk of flesh, Quinn gently pressed Ahri’s fingers against her vagina and was shocked that they slipped right in. “How in the world…” Quinn said but regained focus and grabbed Ahri’s right arm which was in better condition and placed it inside her beside the left.

Not wanting to move Ahri as much as possible Quinn lifted her rear off the ground and scooted forward which drew Ahri’s arms inside up to her elbows. Quinn tried one last time to see if Ahri was conscious to no avail. “I’m really sorry about this Ahri but if it keeps you alive then I’m sure you’ll understand” Quinn said before leaning forward and kissing Ahri.

Lifting her behind again Quinn slowly pushed against Ahri’s head until it popped inside Quinn. Quinn shuddered in pleasure from having something so big inside her and Quinn now knew that she wanted this. Carefully Quinn removed what was left of Ahri’s dress and she saw how bad Ahri’s injuries actually were. Both legs broken, three ribs visibly broken, large pieces of skin and flesh missing, bleeding from almost everywhere. It was a miracle Ahri was still alive as it is.

Taking a moment to realize she might not ever have a chance to Quinn reached down and groped Ahri’s large breasts for a few seconds before beginning to pull them inside along with Ahri’s shoulders. Despite them being rather squishy, Ahri’s breasts were still very large and Quinn struggled and panted to pull them inside her vagina. As she grunted with a loud pop Ahri’s breasts disappeared
inside Quinn who now had a belly that was slowly expanding.

As she pulled on Ahri’s waist Quinn could see the outline of Ahri’s face pressing out against her skin. “You’ll be okay Ahri I promise” Quinn said pressing a hand against Ahri’s forehead before reaching Ahri’s very wide hips. Taking a pause to catch her breath Quinn whistled a very urgent sounding pattern and Valor quickly dove from the sky and landed beside Quinn. “Can you grab my feet and lift them off the ground Val?” Quinn asked her Demacian Eagle. Valor carefully grabbed onto Quinn’s feet without his talons piercing her and he also gently held onto Ahri’s feet with his mouth before lifting into the air a few feet. “Thanks Val” Quinn said now that she had gravity on her side to pull Ahri in.

As Ahri’s hips slowly entered Quinn’s vagina she realized just how heavy Ahri was. Even with Valor lifting Ahri’s legs Quinn was carrying an extra 75 pounds at least. Then Quinn thought about something, “I’ll be able to get her out after she’s healed right?” she asked Zilean.

“Yes. Ahri will be healed by the time you reach Piltover and you can then bring her back into the world” Zilean replied. “I’m afraid I’m needed elsewhere. Good luck on your endeavor and on bringing Ahri back” Zilean said before he disappeared as quickly as he arrived.

Quinn was now up to Ahri’s thighs and her belly was passing the size of a normal pregnant belly. Valor had to let go of Ahri’s feet as her legs were being pulled inside of Quinn. Quinn then took a moment just to stop and realize what she had accomplished. She had managed to take a fully grown woman and bring that woman into her womb.

With a few more pulls from Quinn and a push or two from Valor Ahri’s toes disappeared from sight and into Quinn. Valor Helped Quinn onto her feet as she tried to get used to over a hundred extra pounds of weight on her hips. “Man she’s heavy” Quinn said using her arms to try and support some of the weight of her massive belly. “Pants. Valor could you please? I can’t reach with this thing in the way” Quinn said patting her belly and sitting down, on something soft and fluffy.
“What the? Oh. It seems I didn’t get all of Ahri inside me” Quinn laughed as she stroked her fingers through the fur on Ahri’s tails.

It took a while but eventually Valor was able to get Quinn’s pants and boots on as far as they would go and Quinn was helped to her feet once again. Looking behind her Quinn was very pleased at the sight of Ahri’s tails coming out from her pants as if they were her own tails. “Maybe I could keep her in there until after I meet up with Cait and Vi” Quinn said to herself as she started off on the rest of her journey with a very large and full womb.
Quinn and Ahri's Vore Journey
One hundred stories. I cannot believe I have made one hundred stories. Thank you all for watching me, reading my stories, favoriting and commenting.

I have chosen to enter this into :iconjoeytheneko:'s League of Legends Vore Contest
Ahri walked over towards Vel’koz and the three floating balls while her pregnant looking belly squirmed around with Akali still conscious. “Congratulations Miss Ahri on your victory. Now take one of these coloured orbs and place it into the hole on the wall to award a point to the corresponding girl” Vel’koz said pointing at the triangular hole in the wall. Ahri took a minute looking between the three orbs and the three girls on the ceiling trying to make her decision. Ahri looked down at her belly and reached out to take the purple ball and then dropped it into the hole. “Very well. Miss Caitlyn has been awarded a point which brings her total to three” Vel’koz said taking away the other two spheres as the door to the shop opened for Ahri.

“I wonder how long they can go for” Vi asked as the explosion sounds had not ceased since they started. “Knowing Ziggs they could probably go for another month with all of his hexplosives” Caitlyn replied as she pulled at her skin tight outfit. “You ssseem uncomfortable in that” Cassi said. “No, it’s just….weird. It almost feels as if I’m naked but at the same time fully dressed” Caitlyn said as Vel’koz entered. “Congratulations Miss Caitlyn. Even though she fought for Miss Quinn before you have been awarded a point by Miss Ahri. Here is your reward as promised” Vel’koz said handing Caitlyn a viewing glass that showed Selma, Cadance and Jacquelyn making a very large banner.

“Can. I. Ask. You. Something. Miss. Katarina.” Sona said as she watched Ahri finish off Akali. “What is it?” Katarina asked looking up from the piece of wood she was carving into the shape of bird. “Why. Did. You. Never. Kiss. Me. So. I. Could. Talk. To. You.” Sona asked. Katarina sighed and placed her carving down before walking over to Sona and putting a hand on her shoulder. “Do you remember all those years ago when I selfishly ate you without second thought?” Katarina asked. “Yes. But. That. Was. A. Long. Time. Ago. And-” Sona said but was cut off when Katarina kissed her. “I could never forgive myself for what I did after the tournament. I should’ve helped you but instead I ate you like a piece of meat. I never thought I could ever gain your trust. That’s why I’ve never kissed you before Sona” Katarina said scratching Sona’s cat ears.

Leona watched as Ahri chose the purple ball and then disappeared through the doors. Though her belly stuck out five feet in front of her Leona was still able to move fairly well as it was only filled with air. Before Ahri returned Leona decided that she could use a nap having been woken up by the explosion noises outside. Ahri’s belly had settled down by the time she returned as Akali had lost consciousness. Ahri grinned at the sight of Leona asleep and quickly checked to see that she was in fact asleep. Slowly and carefully Ahri let all the air out of the balloon inside Leona but she didn’t remove the balloon. Instead Ahri ran a tube from the sink in the bathroom to the balloon and started filling Leona with warm water.

As Leona’s belly passed two feet in diameter she started to stir as the weight of the balloon increased. Ahri merely started laughing as Leona woke up and looked at her in anger. “Now both our bellys are full Leona” Ahri said removing the tube and patting Leona’s belly which jiggled like a water mattress. “How much did you put in there? I can barely move” Leona said struggling to sit up. “Enough that you can’t undo the balloon’s seal on your own” Ahri replied pressing a hand into the dome. “Why are you doing this Ahri?” Leona asked trying to stand up with all the extra weight. “Because I need to create my own fun now that I’m not in the same room as Sona” Ahri said as she hit the belly and watched the ripples.

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Everyone was awoken in the middle of the night by the sounds of canon fire and explosions surrounding the building. “Well Quinn sure works fast” Vi said watching Caitlyn’s curves bounce around. “It appears Miss Quinn has ignored my instructions and has commenced an attack upon my home with the aid of Piltover and Bandle City” Vel’koz said entering through his door. “You’re not going to let us go are you?” Caitlyn asked struggling to keep her bouncing chest under control. “No Miss Caitlyn. This entire building isn’t even in Valoran technically. Rather it sits in a place where the bridge between the Void and Valoran is small enough that I can move it through on my own. Meaning I can bring it back just enough that no one and nothing can get through. Anyway time for today’s battle” Vel’koz said leaving as quickly as he had arrived.

“The Fist of Shadow vs The Nine-Tailed Fox” Vel’koz said as two pairs of arms brought Ahri off of Leona’s belly and Akali out of her meditation. “Honor is the blade’s edge” Akali said bowing to her opponent before readying her Kamas. “Shall we?” Ahri said summoning her Fox-fires and charging towards Akali. Akali threw her Mark of the Assassin which cut two of the Fox-fire in two before grazing Ahri’s knee. Ahri returned the fire with her Orb of Deception which Akali was able to avoid on its way back to Ahri.

Akali ran towards Ahri for another attack but stopped and used Twilight Shroud as she saw Ahri fire her Charm towards Akali. Even though the Charm landed Akali was in stealth so Ahri couldn’t do much other than wait it out. After Charm wore off but before Twilight Shroud did Akali jumped at Ahri with Shadow Dance and followed it up with Crescent Slash. Ahri had not expected that and used Spiritrush to get some distance on Akali who threw another Mark of the Assassin at Ahri which hit Ahri’s left arm.

Akali once again jumped onto Ahri and consumed the mark left by her thrown Kama. Ahri summoned three more Fox-fires and used Spiritrush to try and get away from Akali again. Akali could see Ahri starting to panic and knew she could win this. Waiting a few seconds to be able to use Crescent Slash again Akali ran in a circle around Ahri. Once she was ready Akali turned and ran towards Ahri. Akali expected Ahri to lead with her Charm so she dodged to the side as Ahri fired her spell. Akali then used her Shadow Dash and saw her mistake. Ahri had lead with Orb of Deception instead.

Akali could do nothing as she tried to turn away from the Charm but it hit her square on in the back as Ahri used the third cast of Spiritrush to collide with Akali mid-air. Ahri had turned in the air so she traveled feet first and spread her legs as Akali who was now also traveling feet first collided with her. Akali was now knee deep in Ahri’s vagina and being sucked in very quickly. Before the Charm had worn off Akali was up to her hips inside Ahri and her legs were curled up inside Ahri’s womb.

Ahri waited for the Charm to wear off and Akali instinctively swung her fists at Ahri. Ahri managed to block the attack and grab a hold of Akali’s arms before placing them inside her lips and breathing a sigh of relief. Akali continued fighting, squirming and kicking as her stomach was sucked inside. With Akali’s legs fully curled inside her womb Ahri’s stomach was bulging out with Akali’s knees clearly visible. Once her breasts started entering Ahri’s vagina Akali knew there was nothing she could do and she stopped trying to break free.

“Will you vote for Miss Caitlyn?” Akali asked as her shoulders slid inside. Ahri reached her hand around her large belly and rubbed Akali’s face. “Don’t you trust me?” Ahri replied before using all of her muscles to pull Akali’s head in with a single motion. Due to Akali’s smaller size it only looked like Ahri was seven months pregnant so she was able to stand and walk with relative ease compared to previous times. “Only six more and I can see my baby girl again” Ahri said rubbing her squirming belly remembering being pregnant with Celina.
Sejuani walked over towards Vel’koz and the three floating balls while her large breasts bounced around with no restraint or support at all. “Congratulations Miss Sejuani on your victory. Now take one of these coloured orbs and place it into the hole on the wall to award a point to the corresponding girl” Vel’koz said pointing at the triangular hole in the wall. True to her word to Fiora, Sejuani took the purple ball and rubbed it between her breasts and then dropped it into the hole. “Very well. Miss Caitlyn has been awarded a point which brings her total to two” Vel’koz said taking away the other two spheres as the door to the shop opened for Sejuani.

“Guess you finally get some of your own ribbon now Cupcake” Vi said starting to laugh at the thought. “I won’t let him dress me in anything so revealing” Caitlyn said trying not to blush. “Congratulations Miss Caitlyn” Vel’koz said as he entered through his doors. “As promised you have earned two points and will now get a bath and a new set of clothes” he said as a pair of arms appeared from the door and reached out for Caitlyn. “No ribbon. I will not wear anything that revealing” Caitlyn said firmly. “As you wish” Vel’koz replied as the arms took her away.

Vi was rather disappointed at first when she saw what Caitlyn was now wearing when she returned. A single piece full body skin tight purple spandex leotard which while it covered everything, left nothing to the imagination. “You sure you wouldn’t prefer the ribbon Cupcake? I can see two pairs of lips from over here” Vi laughed now starting to like Cait’s new outfit. “It doesss ssshow all of your curvesss” Cassiopeia said coming over to see how tight it actually was. “I just wish he included a zipper” Caitlyn said having no idea how she would ever take it off.

Irelia was watching Jacquelyn through her viewing glass waiting for Quinn to get back and tell everyone what was happening. Irelia knew Quinn had arrived when Celina came running into Jacquelyn’s room at the same moment Sejuani was returned to their room. “Miss Quinn just arrived” Irelia informed Sejuani who had purchased a larger bra and was holding a box about 2 feet across. “Excellent. Let’s celebrate” Sejuani said opening the lid revealing a large chocolate cake and handing Irelia a fork.

“Ahri…..stop… more” Leona said panting as the balloon inside her womb continued growing making her skin stretch very tightly. Ahri giggled and sealed the balloon for now before climbing on top of Leona’s belly which was over eight feet in diameter. “It’s big but it’s just air so it’s not heavy” Ahri said patting the dome as she sat and crossed her legs. “Please……deflate it” Leona asked starting to struggle to breathe. Ahri’s ears twitched and she turned her head before running to the balcony and looking at the room to her right, Sejuani and Irelia’s room. She couldn’t make out what Irelia was saying but Ahri knew what it meant. “Quinn has arrived home” Ahri said to Leona. “That’s….good….please deflate…” Leona begged. Ahri laughed and let out some air until Leona’s belly was only five feet in diameter and manageable.

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When Riot announced Super Galaxy Rumble last year one of my best friends since we were three recommended I watch this show call Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I fucking LOVED it. And when I finished it there was a part of me that wanted more. So I asked him if there was any more of it he said no, but they made another show recently called Kill la Kill. I fucking LOVED that one too. It is my number one favorite Anime of all time.

And I was hooked. 

I really enjoyed Anime now that I had learned that it's not all boobs and mechas(although those are still very prominent). 

Nine months later and I am researching into what is airing next season to see what I want to watch. 

So I would like to talk to you guys and see how many of you watch Anime and what your favorites are. 

This is a list of all the shows I've watched, plan to watch and am currently watching.…

Also are you guys interested in Vore stories with Anime characters? They would be one-off stories, or maybe a two/three part one here and there. But would you guys like that?
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