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Should I draw more girls being fed to Tahm? 

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“And lastly 30 white fur coats” Sejuani said as she folded the piece of paper she was reading off of. Ashe sat opposite her and had zoned out for most of the list but made it look like she was listening. Ashe hated these monthly meetings with Sejuani and she hated her husband even more for never attending them with her. But alas as a queen she has no choice.

“That sounds reasonable Sejuani. I shall have Tryndamere overlook it before I stamp my seal” Ashe said taking the list and tucking it away between her breasts. Ashe leaned back in her chair and looked at Sejuani waiting for her to speak.

“Do you have any last things to say before we conclude this meeting Ashe?” Sejuani asked leaning back in her own chair. Ashe nodded and placed her right hand on the table in front of her.

“Avarosa” Ashe said with a sly grin.

Sejuani’s face turned to panic and her head swivelled around the room looking for any signs of danger. But the danger had already done its deed. With four thumps Sejuani’s guards fell to the floor with arrows lodged in their necks. Before Sejuani could turn to look at her men or look for their killers she was yanked from her chair and thrown onto the table face up with her head towards Ashe’s seat. Two more men stepped forward and held Sejuani’s legs in place preventing her from moving and inch.

Ashe stroked the side of Sejuani’s face before standing from her chair and slowly circling the table. Standing at Sejuani’s head again Ashe snapped her fingers and the four guards effortlessly ripped Sejuani’s outfit from her body. Sejuani went to call out for help but Ashe shoved an apple into her mouth when she opened it.

“Good girl Sejuani. No fighting back and no wastefully calling for any of your men. They’re all dead anyway and your beast is locked away while we decide what to do with it. I want to make it fuck you before I eat it” Ashe said playing with Sejuani’s left breast. Sejuani tried to struggle against her captors but they held her in such a way and with such strength that she could not move a muscle.

“My king has finally told me that he is infertile. All these years and I questioned myself and my eggs. But no matter, no matter, for I have a better plan that is certain to succeed” Ashe said walking over and slipping her hand inside Sejuani’s panties. “Instead of my husband’s seed to create an heir, I shall use an offering of another’s life. Yours to be exact. I’m tired of your wasteful meetings and your second in command agrees you have lost your touch. In exchange for his life and control over your people he swore loyalty to me and helped us get you all alone in here” Ashe said as she stopped walking and stood at Sejuani’s feet. “But that doesn’t matter anymore as it’s time for mommy to have her baby.”

Ashe quickly undid the buttons and the zipper on her outfit and let it fall to the floor leaving her naked. Her body was as toned as ever with some of the best abs Sejuani had ever seen to go with her perky breasts. Ashe’s vagina was shaven clean unlike Sejuani’s and Ashe’s legs were sleeker and more slender than ever. Overall Ashe was in the best shape of her life as if she had prepared for this one moment since birth.

Ashe sat down in Sejuani’s chair and lifted her legs onto the table before nodding to the men holding Sejuani down. In unison they moved Sejuani from a starfish pose into one of a pencil before moving her towards Ashe. Sejuani stared in horror as Ashe’s fingers gently pulled the lips of her pussy apart just before Sejuani’s toes touched the flesh and slipped inside. With no effort or pain on Ashe’s part Sejuani’s feet were already inside of Ashe’s vagina.

Sejuani couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How big was Tryndemere that Ashe was loose enough to fit her feet? And what exactly was Ashe doing? She had given up on trying to break free of the men holding her and focused on Ashe who showed signs of pleasure.

Sejuani’s legs slowly disappeared inside of Ashe and created a bulge behind her belly button. Once Sejuani’s thighs were sliding inside her knees became clearly visible on Ashe’s belly. The two men that had held Sejuani’s legs let go and stepped backwards to watch. As Sejuani’s ass passed Ashe’s vagina the Freljord queen let out a small moan of pleasure and reached to play with Sejuani’s breasts while she still could. Once Sejuani’s breasts were swallowed by Ashe’s pussy she moved her hands to her growing belly and rubbed it eagerly.

Sejuani could no longer see Ashe’s face because of the dome of flesh in front of her. As her chin pressed against Ashe’s skin one of the two men removed the apple from her mouth but clamped their hand over her mouth. “You enjoy yourself in there” Ashe said leaning back in the chair. “Next time I see you you’ll be a whole different person” were the last words Sejuani heard before her head was pushed inside Ashe.

Sejuani did not know how long she had slept for. When she opened her eyes she was swimming in some fluid that wasn’t water but it didn’t sting her eyes or go into her nose. She could not open her mouth and panicked trying to find air so she could breathe. But her lungs didn’t need air. She didn’t need to breathe. Looking around she was inside some round fleshy prison that was an inch or two bigger than her body. She was curled up in the fetal position and unable to move.

Looking down she saw a fleshy hose attached to her stomach that went into the wall of her prison. It was the same colour as the walls and looked to be pulsing slightly. “Ah finally you’re awake” a voice spoke from all around her. Sejuani was certain she had known who that voice belonged to but she couldn’t come up with a name. “I hope my accommodations are suitable for you in there” the voice said. “You are going to be reborn as my little girl but I need to do some gathering first. Every person has their own DNA that makes them who they are. And I need to get some fresh DNA so that your body can be reborn as my daughter.”

Sejuani waited but that seemed to be all the woman, she was certain it was a woman, spoke. What did she mean “get some fresh DNA”? What was going to happen to her? Listening again Sejuani heard gentle breathing and a dull thumping that matched the pulses of the tube into her stomach. Left alone to her own thoughts Sejuani fell back asleep rather quickly.

Ashe sighed contently and gently rubbed her belly as her carriage entered Demacia. Hiding her belly would be an issue but she had not been to Demacia on over a year so it shouldn’t be too hard to play it off as pregnant. As she watched the city go by she saw Garen, Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV walking together who waved to her through her window. She politely returned the wave but was thankful Garen would not get in her way. Twenty minutes later she was standing at the door of the Crownguard manor.

“Oh, Hi there Ashe. What brings you to Demac-woah! Are you pregnant?” Lux asked noticing Ashe’s belly. Lux stood there in a plain blue tank top and yellow shorts that showed off her youthful legs.

“Yes I’m finally going to give my husband an heir” Ashe laughed. “May I come in?” Lux nodded and opened the door wide to let Ashe and her belly in.

“Why are you traveling if you’re that far along Ashe? Don’t you want your child born in Freljord?” Lux asked offering Ashe some tea.

Ashe declined the tea and sat down beside Lux on a blue couch facing the front windows of the house. “That’s actually why I’m here Luxanna. I’m only two weeks pregnant and need some food for my baby.”

“Only two weeks-whaahhhmmmhmmhm” Lux muffled as her head disappeared inside Ashe’s mouth. In a matter of seconds Ashe was already up to Lux’s waist as she quickly swallowed the small girl who put up no fight. Ashe mentally thanked Lux for her choice of outfit at home as her exposed skin tasted very sweet and succulent. Not wasting any time Ashe slurped down Lux’s legs and leaned back with her bigger belly on her lap. Ashe let out a small burp and rubbed her belly for a few minutes before getting up and returning to her carriage waiting out front for her.

Sejuani heard the woman speaking to someone, but she couldn’t pick up what they were saying. The talking then suddenly stopped and she felt something pushing against the back off her head. A little while later she heard the voice speaking to her again. “I know you can both hear me, but this message is only for one of you. I have collected the first sample of fresh DNA for you. This one comes with some magic properties should, Avarosa forbid, you not be a natural with the bow and arrow.”

Sejuani wondered what that meant but her thoughts were cut short as the tube connecting her to the wall slowly expanded. A girl’s head was inside the tube, and she was staring at Sejuani in fear. It was Lux. The girl was smaller than Sejuani by a fair bit and fully clothed as she made her way down the tube towards Sejuani’s belly. Sejuani watched in horror as Lux’s head slowly pushed past Sejuani’s stomach and went inside her body. Before she could grasp what was happening Lux’s legs vanished inside of Sejuani who now had a bloated stomach. Sejuani watched her belly in disbelief as Lux’s movements were clearly visible against her skin.

“Magical talents and youthful energy, check. Next up is athletic body and intelligence” Ashe said as the manor disappeared into the background.

The Laurent manor was smaller than the Crownguard one but Ashe preferred it due to its white marble and design that resembled Freljord castles. Fiora was outside on the patio beside the pool as Ashe stepped out of her carriage and walked towards the gate. Like Lux Fiora dressed lightly but even more so. She wore nothing more than a black and pink bikini that was still wet from swimming. Fiora stared at Ashe’s belly curiously before opening the gate. “What are you doing ‘ere Ashe?” Fiora asked with not a tone of friendliness in her voice. “You ‘ave gotten very fat, ‘ave you?”

Ashe ignored Fiora’s tone and smiled. “I’m just letting everyone know that Tryndemere and I are finally pregnant. I’m here to invite you to the baby shower in two weeks” Ashe lied.

“I do not care” Fiora said and started walking back to her chair. Ashe smiled and tackled Fiora to the ground before quickly shoving the French woman’s legs in her mouth and swallowing. The water on Fiora’s body made eating her a breeze for Ashe who finished her off as quickly as she started. The time between Ashe stepping out of the carriage and getting back in took less than two minutes.

Sejuani had watched in horror as Lux’s movements inside her belly slowly died down before stopping. Sejuani knew Lux was now dead and since her belly was slowly shrinking Lux’s body was being absorbed by her own. Sejuani’s attention was quickly returned to the tube as a pair of feet entered followed by athletic legs and a toned bubble butt that followed. Sejuani waited in fear of who else was going to die in her stomach. Their torso appearing in the tube as their feet disappeared inside Sejuani. Sejuani finally saw Fiora’s head as her bikini clad body was disappearing. They locked eyes, Fiora’s full of hatred while Sejuani’s were full of sadness before Fiora was sealed away to die inside Sejuani.

“Now that just leaves the breasts and the ass” Ashe said licking her lips in anticipation as the sun set in Demacia.

The biggest of the three manors Ashe visited today belonged to the Buvelles and was the home of Sona. Ashe felt slightly guilty about this as Sona was one of few supports she actually liked playing with. But she was certain the tastes of Sona’s breasts would more than make up for it. Ashe let herself into the manor with the spare key Sona had given her many years ago when they were still teenagers. Ashe silently traveled towards Sona’s bedroom and was not surprised to find her asleep and naked.

Ashe took her time and played with Sona’s breasts and pussy giving the girl a wet dream. Ashe was not surprised that Sona stayed asleep as they had had many sleepovers growing up. Ashe licked up all of Sona’s juices before gently placing Sona’s head in her mouth and swallowing.

Sona’s flavour was the best of the three and Ashe was glad she saved her for last. Ashe skillfully took Sona’s wide shoulders into her maw and swallowed. She had to stretch her lips as wide as they would go in order to get Sona’s breasts into her mouth. After a minute or two Sona’s boobs popped into Ashe’s mouth and took up every inch, filling Ashe’s cheeks like a chipmunk’s. Their flavour and texture was unlike anything Ashe had ever eaten. Ashe wished she could sit there and suck on Sona’s tits all day but she eventually swallowed them down.

Sona’s stomach still had some juices that Ashe missed earlier which only added to the flavour. As Ashe reached Sona’s hips she felt the girl start to awake inside her throat. Ashe shoved her tongue into Sona’s pussy and went to town on the maven’s lips while her hands played with Sona’s ass. The cheeks were bigger than her breasts and just as soft and playful. Sona tried to press her legs together but Ashe prevented her and Sona climaxed and went limp again.

Ashe gave Sona’s ass one good spank before she pulled it into her mouth and gulped it down. Making up for lost time Ashe finished Sona’s legs in a hurry and let out a powerful burp. Ashe had told her men that she would spend the night in Sona’s bed and they were not to let anyone into the manor. Ashe knew Sona’s adopted parents would not be home as they had gone to Piltover as they were some of the top donators to the university. Ashe lay on Sona’s bed with her big belly in front of her and drifted to sleep with thoughts of her daughter in her head.

Sejuani closed her eyes the third time the tube opened up. She did not want to see who else would die inside her stomach like Lux and Fiora had previously. She waited at least five minutes after she thought they had finished entering her belly. Opening her eyes again she saw that this was the largest her belly had been. And pressed against the skin of her stomach was the outline of a large pair of breasts. Given the time between the three of them and the location of where the first two lived, Sejuani realized it could only be Sona inside her stomach.

Over the next week after Sona had been digested Sejuani watched in horror as her body began to shrink. Her breasts and wide hips were the first things to go as she steadily lost height and mass. After three days she was as flat as when she was twelve years old and just as skinny. By the fifth day she could be no bigger than a four year old and on the seventh she lost consciousness.

Nine months later Ashe and Tryndemere welcomed their new daughter to the royal family. No one other than Ashe and Tryndemere would know the girl was not Tryndemere’s. The men who had assisted Ashe were paid far too much to even consider revealing the truth.

Princess Ashelyn was a living copy of her mother down to every detail but better. As she had grown up she had a certain knack for both archery as well as sorcery. Both her physical and mental assets made every woman jealous and her athletic body put her above most of the boys she trained with. The two things that were unlike her mother Queen Ashe however, was a streak of black through her hair and her undying love of a boar named Brisly.


That was the WORST adaptation of any source material EVER!!!!! (There is no Avatar: The Last Airbender movie)

Excluding tiny stuff like Aeris being played by a skinny white boy the movie was horrible in terms of following the book.

Yes you can say 'they started in WICKED's building, left and made it through the Scorch while doing some of the things in the book. But holy fuck they tried hard to not follow the book.

The building they find themselves in at the start is not a small dorm with no other people. No brick walls, no hanging bodies that disappear, no 3 days of hunger and then endless food. It's a large military type based with everyone from WICKED with them and the other maze groups. By the way, there's more than 2 maze groups for some fucking reason. The other groups don't matter at all except to move the plot forward and convince Thomas to escape but still. Also Rachel (group b equivalent of Thomas) is not dead like Chuck but is instead with the other maze groups people getting their blood drained for the Bliss. 

Jansen is horribly out of character. Aside from Aiden Gillian being spot on for the description, his character is nowhere as nearly composed as he should be. Lacking his white suit and any form of high manners and attitude. He doesn't even do his one job from the book; tell them to go through the Scorch for 100 miles in 14 days to reach Safe Haven and the cure.

The entire fucking point of the second book does not exist at all. The movie makes the 6 of them (yes only 6. Thomas, Minho, Newt, Frypan(FINALLY said his name), Winston (dies from crank bite/scratch. Don't know if he was immune-never said in the book) and Teresa) The one person who should be there the least is more important than 12 other gladers in the book. 

Ignoring the black tunnel and the approach to the city because no one would ever realistically do that in a movie.

They get to the city and run into a handful of past gone Cranks before moving on without meeting Jorge, Brenda or anyone who should be in the city. 

As the lightning storm finally arrives late they reach a compound where Jorge and co. are and it mostly follows the book. Except WICKED shows up forcing them to run instead of one of the Cranks causing a tunnel collapse splitting Tom and Brenda from everyone else. Brenda is not immune and gets bitten.

Tom and Brenda run into the party, get drugged, dance, kiss, Tom says "you're not her" and passes out. No interrogation of Tom and Brenda as they wake up with Jorge and the rest of the gladers interrogating some shank named Marcus.

They then drive the rest of the distance before running into two girls from Aeris' maze who do not kidnap Tom and instead lead them into the camp of Right Arm. The group who are not mentioned at-fucking-all until halfway through the 3rd book are the main scene for the last 1/4 of the movie. 

No betrayal scene with Tom, Aeris and Teresa. Instead just Terese calling WICKED who come and blow up Right Arm's camp. They kill Mary who was the leader of Right Arm in the movie while the gladers, Jorge, Brenda and Right Arm fight WICKED. Minho gets hit by WICKED's weapons and is taken by Paige and Janson along with Teresa, who goes willingly, and the 2 girls from Aeris' maze. Movie ends after Tom gives short speech about stopping WICKED. 

If you picked out five main points from the book and adapted it (aside from their goal of getting through the Scorch), then sure I guess the movie did accomplish that. But right from the start they made WICKED look horrible with zero mentioning of why they were put in the maze, why they had to go through the Scorch, what was waiting at Safe Haven, that they were all infected.

I'm terrified of how they're going to (fail) try to do the third book since only Minho and the girls will be at WICKED's facility at the start. I don't even think Gally will be in the third movie since he got a spear in the 1st movie and the way they adapted book 2. 

Books aside it was a good movie, but it was a fucking awful adaptation with too much made up shit and stuff that's flat out wrong. 
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